What people are saying about "Double Digits"

Ultimately as a filmmaker I found the documentary highly inspiring and relatable, since it seems as though at no matter what level, artists all deal with the same issues and have to overcome the same obstacles.
— Greg Murtha
The subject, he is full of life and you’ve captured his spirit. I see why you chose to do a doc on him, for a brief moment I was wondering why but that faded quickly.

The emotion, it was unexpected.
— Ray Biddle
Everything about the film seemed genuine. This could have easily been something where you laugh at R.G. and his action figure movies, but it wasn’t. I never felt that there was a shred of cynicism in the film, everything about it was genuinely supportive of R.G. and his films.
— Greg Titan
I think it’s such a cool story to tell, and it’s important to see. As a creative person, it’s nice to see someone make films just for the joy of it, for a small audience. This is something I am fascinated by, the idea of small works of art for small groups of people. It’s like telling a campfire story. Success doesn’t have to be measured by becoming famous and making a living off filmmaking, success is measured by continuing to find the joy in making things. I know I got a lot out of it, and I think audiences will get a great deal out of it — the simple idea that the act of making the thing is the most important part.
— Dave Seger
RG himself could not have been written better as a character. The way you captured him felt... complete, as a viewer. What an magnificent human being. His positive spirit seems fictional, but it’s not.

As an onlooker, I saw the film as a phenomenal gesture on several levels. The theme was heartfelt in that RG is as genuine as they come, but then that someone decided to capture his life’s work in a documentary really tugged at my heartstrings.

I felt myself collecting and absorbing every moment.
— Pauline Acadia
I love that it’s a film for filmmakers. We can all relate to RG’s frustrations, artistic ambitions, creative techniques. Great takeaway lessons for creators of all levels. It’s fun to see his process.
— Griffin